There’s just something about baseball. Maybe it’s cliche, but I’m from Iowa and one of my "Top 10" movies is Field of Dreams. The movie captures a beautiful picture of the power of the game of baseball and the way it creates bonds beyond and memories that last forever.

My grandfather (who passed away 3 years ago) and my dad love baseball. My dad coached me in Little League and we spent many sunsets, sometimes well into darkness, in the driveway playing catch. I can still remember playing "burnout" with grandpa in their front yard, with a big grin on his face and my cringe catching his "fastball." Now, when I see my dad play catch with my sons (daughter too) I smile thinking about what my dad and grandpa did for me through the game of baseball.

My son Ben hitting a line drive right at me! (Fall 2015)

My son Ben hitting a line drive right at me! (Fall 2015)

When Ryan and Rob approached Nathan and I about working on this project with them it was really exciting. We had recently sold Tourney Machine to Time Inc. and were right at the beginning of our "coaching careers." This past summer our boys Jack and James played on the same Little League team and we'd had multiple conversations about the challenge of hitting, building confidence at the plate, and what we needed to do to help our boys build better hitting fundamentals. The first time I saw our tee prototype I said, "I want one!" After a few conversations we knew we had to make Magic Tee a reality. 

The Right Tool

For our family, paying for specialized hitting lessons for Jack isn’t an option right now as we don’t need another planned event in our week or the extra expenses. I knew I needed a tool that can be used in the backyard, before practice, and after practice that teaches the right muscle memory habits. The Magic Tee delivers all these things.

Magic in the Making

While Kevin Costner has already proved that Iowa is heaven, I hope that as we bring Magic Tee to life over the next year you'll be able to use it to create memories and "magic moments" of your own––because in the end, those moments are the ones that matter most.