As one of the originators of the Magic Tee, I’ve seen this project evolve multiple times over the past seven years. We’ve developed several different prototypes, explored all of the ways that it helps young hitters, and talked to hundreds of people in the industry, from coaches to manufacturers, about what they like and don’t like about it. The one constant, though, has been a desire to make baseball and softball training better and more fun. This is the core of what we want to do, and I believe is the magic behind the Magic Tee.

My two kids, one who loves baseball, and one who could care less about baseball, softball, or any other sport that involves a ball, have tried it and had success with it right away. Check out the video evidence below.


The Tee: A Coach's Perspective

I’ve coached a lot of baseball, and the tee can be an important part of developing a young swing, and refining and honing an older, more developed player’s swing. I watched a video of Bryce Harper in pre-game last year, and what did he start with? Tee work!

The Tee: A Young Hitter's Response

However, during the past five years as I’ve been with my son and his teammates, there are a few typical reactions when the tees come out.

  1. "The tee is for babies. We stopped playing tee ball when we were 6!"
  2. "This is boring. When can we get in the cage to hit live?"

That’s standard, and it’s understandable for kids who can’t see the long-term benefits of taking time to work on the mechanics before getting in the cage. I think we’ve all heard teachers and coaches use the old saying, “You have to walk before you can run.” The tee is the equivalent of “walking” in the development of a kid’s swing.

Young Hitters + Hard Work = Magic!

All this goes to the heart of what we are doing with the Magic Tee. Kids that have used it are excited and energized by it. “That’s cool!” is the regular response. Getting kids to do some of the necessary work, while having fun doing it, will make training better and more effective.

Nine-year-olds doing hard, important work on their swings, and having fun doing it? Well, that’s magic.