I have a passion for creating a positive, productive and high-quality sports experience for every kid that desires to play. With organized sports, it’s an important value to me as a parent. It’s also what led me to join the Ames Little League board at the end of last season. Under new leadership things were going in a great direction and I had motivation and skills to bring to the table to keep the momentum building.

Launching a New Season

Serving as a board member has been a massively educational experience for me. Prior to participating on the board I had no idea the depth of details and organization required to launch a new season of baseball in a community. The even more astounding part is that many of these organizations simply run off the passion of parents and community members who want to see those sports thrive in their communities––the positions aren’t paid positions.

On the personal side, this year (in addition to head coaching) I undertook the task of redesigning, ordering, and distributing the uniforms for our entire league. The project turned out well and wasn’t without it’s share of learning experiences––which I’ll take directly into next season. It also meant that my truck was frequently serving double duty as a rolling dugout and hat distribution vehicle. Some days there was barely enough room for me in there!

The "rolling dugout," complete with hat boxes, jersey boxes, and two canvas bags full of bats, helmets, and catchers gear. 

The "rolling dugout," complete with hat boxes, jersey boxes, and two canvas bags full of bats, helmets, and catchers gear. 

Launching a New Tee

Similar to the passion involved in launching a new baseball season, at Magic Tee our passion for creating great tools for runs deep. We believe that hitters of all ages need tools that teach the right habits for hitting a baseball, right from the start. Our process of designing and developing the tee has also been filled with challenges, but we’re committed to seeing the vision come to life and make a difference for hitters.

Now, the first pitches have been thrown and it’s rewarding to see how the efforts of all the Little League board members have combined to take our league to the next level. Similarly, at Magic Tee we’re right around the corner from launching our tee to the world and we’d love to have you on this journey with us.