Groove it.

Meet the tee that trains.


See ALL of the Ball

Small Contact = Big Hits

We utilize an incredibly small contact point (about the size of a quarter) between the ball and the tee. By using vacuum power, Magic Tee allows hitters to see the entire ball, visualizing exactly what a thrown ball will look like when they step up to the plate. It's the closest thing to hitting a live baseball!

Naturally Promotes a Correct Swing

Bring the bat to the ball, not to the tee.

Magic Tee puts the focus of a hitter entirely on the ball, enabling them to concentrate on bringing their bat directly to the ball with no distractions or obstruction from from lower support, like traditional batting tees.



Accurate Feedback for Hitters

Small force, big time results.

Magic Tee uses the minimum vacuum force possible to suspend the ball. This way, when a hitter makes contact, the ball instantly releases from the tee, responding exactly like a ball in a game-time situation.

This allows hitters to instantly evaluate the quality of each swing and accurately work on hitting pitches in different locations. A good swing on the Magic Tee yields good results and positive feedback, because contact is only made with the  ball, not the tee.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 10.58.44 PM.png

Makes Hitting Practice Fun

Practice feels... like magic.

With it's unique suspension design, Magic Tee reduces tee contact that can often knock over traditional tees, wasting valuable practice hits and time. The patented vacuum suspension system makes it easy for hitters of all ages to rapidly load balls and get accurate, instant feedback on each hit, which makes practice efficient and fun!




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