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What is Magic Tee?

Magic Tee is a batting practice tool, for baseball and softball players, coaches and hitting instructors. Our patent pending suction system, we call “Magic Touch”, helps hang the ball versus setting the ball on a tee like most traditional tees, removing obstructions from lower support. Magic Tee gives hitters a way to attack the bottom half of the ball reinforcing the proper swing.


The Magic Tee is the best hitting tool for reinforcing a proper swing path. Magic Tee aims to improve hitters swings by giving coaches and their players a batting tee that is fun and easy to practice with. We want to increase every hitter's confidence in their swing.


As parents and coaches, we had first-hand experience with the difficulty of teaching our own kids proper swing mechanics. We also saw a direct connection between their growing or shrinking desire to play baseball related to their success at the plate––they needed to succeed. Our efforts to teach them proper hitting mechanics, remained hampered with the traditional tee and other clunky hitting tools. It was clear to our team that a coach-friendly tool, that reinforced a proper swing path, and that players love to use must be created. With this in mind, Magic Tee was developed in the garages, backyards and baseball diamonds of Ames, Iowa.

Full version of our backstory can be found at our blog

What Makes us Unique

Magic Tee presents the ball to the hitter in a way that has never been done before. The Magic Tee’s patented “Magic Touch” system allows hitters to see the entire ball. Powered by vacuum suction and using an incredibly small contact patch to hold the ball, the Magic Tee allows hitters to focus entirely on the ball, encouraging natural hitting mechanics by design. This allows hitters to experience clean contact and accurate ball flight on every cut––providing quality feedback on good and bad swings.

Why Use a Inverted tee?

Many current hitting tools are large, cumbersome, complicated, annoying to use and don’t set players, coaches and instructors up for creating confidence and success at the plate. With an inverted tee––like Magic Tee––the ball is clearly in view, with no obstructions from other support mechanisms. Removing these obstructions and annoyances enables hitters to focus purely on developing their swing. Unlike of other hitting tools an inverted tee gives hitters a clear path to attacking the bottom half of the baseball, which promotes more line drives, more backspin, and better launch angles. (aka - more doubles and home runs!)

Target Market

Baseball and softball players and the coaches in charge of their development. As dad’s who are coaching and supporting our kids, we are putting a special emphasis on baseball and softball families who are focused on getting their kids started well in the game or finding new ways to have fun practicing baseball. We have and are continuing to gain support from college coaches, high school coaches, MLB hitting coaches, private hitting instructors and owners of academies, clubs and facilities.

Four dads, a vacuum, and the pursuit of the perfect hitting tool.

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