Our Team

Ryan Mcguire
Founding Partner | "The wizard"

Give Ryan a bat and a ball and he’ll have kids hitting rockets in no time (no pointy hat needed).

Ryan has been a wizard with a his wand, I mean bat, in his hands all his life. From his days playing college baseball at Northern Iowa, to coaching at Iowa State and now a 10U coach for his son’s team, his knowledge of the swing and his love for coaching were just the right ingredients to stick in the pot for the creation of Magic Tee.  Now, with the Magic Tee, he has helped all types of young hitting apprentices find their “mojo.”

Rob kibbe
Founding Partner | "The magician"

Rob, aka "The Magician," is the guy that makes the Magic Tee...well magic. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering (aka practitioner of magic) and has been an entrepreneur and product/technology developer for multiple companies––small to large. While his magical powers are sought out by many, he’s taken the time to perform his greatest trick, a tee where the ball hangs instead of sits….oooooohhhh! Rob’s most excited about the magic moment that will be created when his own kids are ripping the ball this next baseball season.


Nathan Haila
Founding Partner | "Nate the great"

Yes, Nathan is cool enough to have a stage name. His creative design powers and ability to deliver great ideas out of thin air give him the right to call himself whatever he wants, though most of the time it’s "Dad". Nathan applies his powers coaching on the diamond as well as in his role as president of his local Little League. Nathan was a founding partner of Tourney Machine (acquired by Sports Illustrated/TIME Inc.)––helping build the brand that millions of people have come to know and love in the youth sports world. For his next trick he will launch this website!


Sam Schill
Founding Partner | "the lovely assistant"

For many reasons, Sam isn’t "lovely," but the team at Magic Tee can get him to try about anything. Bring him out to test a new prototype, lock him in a dugout and throw away the key and even coach tee ball (yeah, scary!) Besides being sawed in half (literally ask him about that) Sam was a founding partner of Tourney Machine (acquired by Sports Illustrated/TIME Inc.) and now that his kids are coming up through the baseball and softball ranks he hopes to see the magic of what happened at Tourney Machine come to life with Magic Tee. Sheesh...Sam still has no idea how the ball hangs!