Why Magic Tee?

Hear what others have to say about the impact that Magic Tee is having on their practice and training.

Your Magic Tee is an extremely durable training tool that requires little to no maintenance. Below are the best practices to ensure a very long service life:

  1. When not in use for long extended periods, disconnect the wall charger from both the wall outlet and the Magic Tee. Recharge the Magic Tee once a month for optimal battery performance until regular usage of the tee resumes.
  2. When handling the Magic Tee avoid picking it up via the upper curved pole in a "suitcase" like manner. Over time this can loosen the two screws at the junction of the straight and curved upper pole, causing the need for them to be retightened. Instead, simply pick up the Magic Tee where the bottom pole connects to the base and carry the tee "sideways" like a guitar. This will distribute the weight evenly and avoid unneeded wear and tear.
  3. While the Magic Tee is designed to exist in the outdoor elements, it's best to store it inside when not in use. Do not submerge the Magic Tee in water or leave it out in the elements (rain, snow, etc) that could cause erroneous damage. Check your warranty for further information.
  4. Cleaning the Magic Tee is simple and is best done with a wet washcloth, refreshing the cloth as needed (no soap is required). Dry with any dry washcloth or towel handy. Do not subject the tee to a full water spray (garden hose, power washing, etc.) or the electrical system could be damaged.