Why Magic Tee?

Hear what others have to say about the impact that Magic Tee is having on their practice and training.

1. Why does it cost so much?

Great question! In the end, the Magic Tee isn’t just a tee. It is a COMPLETELY different way to do stationary swing training. This is a training tool that leagues and facilities invest in, just like all of their other high end tools and equipment. This is not a disposable tee, nor is it meant to be! 

Besides the ability to get a regular old ball to defy gravity, this baby is pro grade, built to last, runs for 6 hours on battery alone, and uses premium materials. It’s common for a team, league, or facility to have one Magic Tee for every 3 or 4 “ traditional tees.”  It doesn’t move or tip over, and you don’t have to stack a bunch of barbell weights on it either to keep it from walking around. Just turn it on and let ‘er rip.

2. What does this do that you can’t do with a regular tee?

  • Once you’ve hit off a Magic Tee, you’ll never want to use anything else. The Magic Tee’s design was specifically created to generate “clean contact” to AVOID the negative feedback a traditional tee can provide. Hitting coaches have shared with us repeatedly that their young and inexperienced hitters are able to work on what they’re being taught instead of becoming confused by poor tee feedback.
  • Of course, with the Magic Tee, what you’ll notice most is that you can finally see the whole ball, and the most important part of the ball (the bottom) is totally exposed. This benefit gives a whole new spatial awareness that helps younger hitters to avoid those bad habits of chopping away on the outer part of the ball (where every hit is a rolled-over ground ball)!
  • The Magic Tee makes the inside, bottom-half of the ball easy to see, making improved swing training and the resulting muscle memory easy and fun. Hitting the inside seam is now clean and understandable. Swing training properly to stay inside the ball is much more natural.

3. How does it hold the ball? Does it work with baseballs and softballs?

The Magic Tee holds the ball with “just the right amount” of vacuum suction. We even patented it! No special balls are required, nor are there any magnets or gimmicks. There are no special (i.e. extra cost) attachments required to go between baseball and softball use, either.

4. How long will it last? What if I hit it, accidentally break it, or run it over with my truck?

Well…..if you take care of it, you should really be able to get years of use out of a Magic Tee using only what’s provided in the box! It’s designed with premium nylons, rubbers, and thick wall aluminum to be long lasting and really durable.  The battery will provide a 6 hour run time off of a full charge or can remain plugged in with our included circuit protecting charger.  A 90 day electrical warranty is included, as is a one year manufactured component warranty.

One question we often get is whether people swing too high and damage the top of a  Magic Tee. White it’s possible…..after thousands of swings on Magic Tees we can tell you that most people swing under the ball more than anything! You haven’t lived until you’ve seen your dad whiff big time on a “full-power-bro” swing.

All that said….if you end up really bashing the tee up during a Fight Club like training session, we offer a replacement part for absolutely every component of the Magic Tee.  Just order up what you need on our website or give us a call to talk through your exact need: https://www.magictee.io/collections

5. Is the Magic Tee portable?

Yes. The Magic Tee weighs 17 pounds and fits in a van or truck for easy transport. The base of the MT is almost 2 feet in diameter, which keeps the tee INCREDIBLY stable during swing training sessions. Most of our customers have a tee just for indoor use and a second they use at outdoor practice occasionally.