Helping hitters see all the ball and confidently attack the bottom half.


Magic Touch

Magic Tee creates the most natural hitting experience by suspending the ball with the power of vacuum suction. It's engineered to provide just enough suction to hold and then release on contact.

Works for Baseball and Softball


Designed for All Hitters

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Power: On-the-Go or Plug In


Magic Tee is used by these programs:

"The Magic Tee is an amazing product. I haven’t seen another tee that helps the hitter focus on the ball the way it does--you see all the ball!"

Jim Lawler, Wareham Gateman Coach, Cape Cod League | 30+ Years as D-1 Coach

"It's easy to see that the Magic Tee offers a more complete way to train as a hitter, alone or with a coach. I like how it promotes the proven philosophies of hitting the bottom half of the ball and getting on plane with the pitch."

Andrew Brauer, Former Minor League Baseball Player | Collegiate Baseball Player, Lewis University | 29ers Baseball High School Travel Head Coach