Precision Training Kit: Magic Tee + Training Target + 3 Additional Magic Wands

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Hit more line drives and less ground balls with the Precision Training Kit! This bundle includes a Magic Tee and one (1) 24"x24" Training Target. Together, these tools help players barrel up and drive the ball more accurately.


Magic Touch: Our patented tee design hangs the ball with vacuum suction, removing all obstructions from lower support.

Durable: The Magic Tee is made of high-quality aluminum, moulded rubber and durable plastic..

Battery Powered: The rechargeable "on board" battery that powers the suction system will run for 6 hours on a single charge. It also runs continuously when plugged in.

Height Adjustable: The height adjustment lever and two setup modes allows the tee to move the ball height from 18.5" to 38" off the ground.

Warranty: Comes with one-year manufacturers warranty.

Magic Tee
1 Training Target (4 Ball Bungie Attachments)
6 Magic Wands (3 Included + Additional 3-Pack)
Wall Charger
Assembly Tool
Magic Tee Stickers